TL: Mado

Ed: Crash, Doomchicken

Episode 11 All out Melee

“Gentlemen, you are about to be personally graced with words from the princess! Listen to them quietly, and engrave them into your soul! Now, put your pride on the line and to your last breath, fight for them until the bitter end!!”


As always, I was being overwhelmed by the extremely excited monsters (x10000) in high spirits who were leaving me out, the person concerned. Despite that, I prepared my Rose of Sinner {Gilles de Rais} and wore my serious equipment while secretly feeling alienated. From Tengai’s upper head which was in its dragon form, I overlooked the surroundings of my on-site recruited army.

Blazing and glittering eyes were intently watching every single movement I made without fail. Attention which was almost turning into pressure was gathering.
Uwaah~ My stomach kinda hurts.

‘To be able to receive the princess’s personal encouragement would really be unexpected happiness.’ That was the shape of the request which I got from Tengai.
I wonder what I should say? Should I talk like I usually did when my guild members asked me to give speeches before battles?

“Umm, right now I’ll give you my introduction. I am Hiyuki, the guild master―No, I mean the sovereign of Imperial Crimson. Not long ago it was confirmed that there was an ambush with around 150 men in the forest on your right side based on our scout’s report, so for any people who have their hands empty, please deal with it.
Nobody needs to mind the protection of our headquarters at all so please just suitably advance onward and kill the enemy. And then, it would be helpful if people who have spare time to be escorts for monsters who use magic just to be safe. In this battle, even if you don’t win your own fights we will manage it somehow, so everyone please don’t push yourselves to the point where you’ll die. Well even you die, I’ll manage it somehow as long as you’re on this battlefield.
Therefore for today, deal a decisive blow on the humans, everyone!”

For a moment, the monster army was making ‘Hah?’ faces, then Tengai yelled toward them.

“Do you understand gentlemen!? As long as we stay in the rear, it’s impossible for the glorious Imperial Crimson to lose! There is no turning back, there is no retreat signal for us, there is no fear, there no option but to move forward! After that, until we seize our victory, dying is not permitted! As long as the princess is watching your back, you must not lose your strength nor collapse! You must not waver nor fail to release all your strength! Fight to the bitter end until your soul has burned out!! ―That’s what the princess said!!!”

After a moment of blinking,
All monsters present tossed up their fists. They raised their explosive screams, or perhaps I should call it a battle cry.

I didn’t say it like that…. Rather, parts of it like the ambush or escorts are missing. Will this be all right?

Ah~, look now! They all vigorously rushed into nearby opponents without thinking at all.

Look! Look! Arrows are flying out from inside the forest. Aah, we have some victims already. Even though I already told them about that!

“…it can’t be helped. Tengai, I will go to the battlefield to do the usual things, so I entrust our headquarters to you.”

“Is that fine? You’re not going to go together with me?”

“If you’re there, the new recruits won’t get any experience. And judging from appearances, the enemy’s attack is not on the level of being a threat anyway, there won’t be any problems.”
But well, if I silently stood and received something like a magic attack which then escalated into a gang bang, as expected, I think I’ll die.

“I understand. But please, sincerely be careful.”
Tengai softly dropped me down respectfully with his forelimb, he respectfully obeyed at that place.

“―Mikoto, I entrust my support to you.”

“By your command, princess.”
Mikoto in her battle uniform came flying beside me. She gave me a bow.

After that I put Sinner of Rose {Gilles de Rais} into my storage space. Instead, I called out my exclusive equipment; a saint’s long staff applied with silver and a rose flower design which had a pointed end that turned into a crescent moon.

“Secret of Roses {Blue Velvet}”

I swing it once to check its condition. Yup no problem, it’s usable.
This thing is also exclusive equipment for priests which could be made through the blacksmith skill. It was exclusively made and forged 7 times, making the restoration effect greatly increase from its base stats. (Normally, manics use equipment that have been strengthened more than 7 times.  This much is not quite enough.  Er, I’m not a maniac you see?  I precisely decided how much I would play on the first day).

Although the MP consumption of each skill still remained the same. No matter what, on the battlefield I’m gonna run out of gas aren’t I?
Alas, I have no choice but to utilize other things like MP potions.
For that reason, I decided to use another secret weapon.


“―Yes, princess.”
Just now, a drop of water like a red lump of blood gathered in the sky. A wave-like thin body whose proportions were hidden by a thin toga solidified, and there appeared a girl whose whole body was like a red ice sculpture.

She is Amari ―Seven Beasts of Calamity Number 0, the highest rank water spirit (for some reason her color changed from light blue into red when she became my pet), also she is my partner when I am in saint mode.
The reason is―

“I will come to the aid of my allies. Use pet unison like usual!”

“Certainly, princess.”
At the moment she said those words, she turned into a beam of light and dove into my chest.

The result: my current status, including increases from equipment, is –

Race: Vampire Princess (God Ancestor)
Name: Hiyuki
Title: Graceful Lady of the Sky
HP: 1,428,000 (+1,350,000)
MP: 13,796,000 (+13,700,500)

The particularly large increase of MP was because the strength which Amari possesses is great. Furthermore, the good thing is when using skills, MP consumption is cut in half, and natural MP regeneration is increased by 30%.
For that reason, although Amari did not excel so much in terms of fighting strength (well, presently she is strong by a big margin compared to me), she is absolutely necessary for me in saint mode.

By the way, in this current status I was called ‘The God of Death Who Pretends to Be a Saint’ or ‘The Buddha Saint’. The first half is easy to understand, but it seems the meaning of latter half seems to be ‘The Saint Who Builds Up a Mountain of Dead Wherever She Goes’. They were really impolite, good grief. (TL: Buddha saint ホトケの聖女 actually, in first you could see it as Buddha saint, but ホトケ could also mean the deceased)
“Now, let’s go Mikoto! Amari!”

“『Yes, Princess』”

As we faced towards the battlefield in high spirits, Maroudo called to halt me.

“Excuse me, can I also go to the front lines?”

“…I guess it’s fine, why?”

“Well, it appears the nobles’ coalition force seems to be trying to make the citizens volunteer as soldiers to be sacrificial pawns.”

“I think that’s natural isn’t it? Even if the number of volunteer soldiers is many, they’re just a crowd of amateurs. They have no purpose other than becoming something like a human shield. I believe it’s unjust, but it’s certainly an efficient way of using them.”
Well in the battle of Arra City, I thought up a similar tactic too.
“―Certainly, you won’t say something like, ‘I want to save them’ right?”

Tengai and Mikoto put themselves on guard, having the urge of ‘You shall be blasted away according to your reply’― fully dwelling inside them.
Well even if they didn’t do that, the life and death of my family is in my hands.
Or perhaps I should say, if Tengai releases his thunder breath here I would receive a great amount of damage just from the wave, therefore I want to prevent that.

“No-not at all! I won’t go that far. It’s just that I am unable to stomach that those nobles attack the volunteer soldiers who gathered in the name of the prince’s revenge without knowing anything, so I want to roast those bunch of nobles a bit.”

Looks like he was giving his reply with a compromising impression.
But in the end he seems to want to say that he wants to save them.

I looked into his eyes behind the mask to search for his real motive…but I don’t understand it very well.
Or rather, this mask is a hindrance, isn’t it? I put it on him to insinuate him, but it may have been a mistake…

Tengai and Mikoto are asking for my instructions with their eyes ‘How are you going to treat him?’

“Well…you can do as you like. Although whether you are there or not we will still be attacking, so pay attention to friendly fire as much as possible. In your case, your abilities are reduced by half during daytime.”

With my words, Tengai and Mikoto unfastened their posture.

“Thank you for your blessing, well then, I’m off for a bit.”
So he said, then Maroudo shouldered the long sword given by me ―‘Ogrestroke’, a drop from high level boss, and calmly faced towards the battlefield.

“―Is that fine with you, princess? Somehow that guy isn’t quite trustworthy.”

Tengai, remaining in his dragon form, brought me near his face and gave me his advice with a low voice. I tapped his nose, relieving him.

“If I am betrayed, then that’s that. And still that thing in itself will still be an amusement.”
Well, even if he betrays me he probably won’t directly rebel against me.

“―Affirmative. I was having a needless worry against princess’ deep foresight.”

“It’s not like that. It was helpful.”

“What! …I am undeserving of such words.”

Ignoring the huge shivering monster that was deeply moved (Tengai), I looked at Mikoto once again, and then I viewed the battlefield which stretched before my eyes.

“Now then, this battlefield is very spacious so we have to run around quickly. I won’t stop for you if you fall behind, Mikoto.”

“I shall be at your side even if must I risk my life.”

As soon as Mikoto finished bowing, I depart at a quick pace.

“Well then, let’s try to perform that old ‘zombie attack’!”

(EP 11 END)

Author Notes

By the way, because Amari’s fighting strength is weak, usually she didn’t appear openly, but she is certainly a round table member.

TL Notes

廃人 Maniac. Literally, it is disabled person but in term of Japanese gaming it means like “a guy who had his mentally broken, just gaming in his mind” so maniac is a closest term that I could think of.

Family – It is Hiyuki term of her vampirized victim.