Kyuuketsuhime Ch 3 Interlude 5


The Men’s Night

Third night: Revan’s side

Again, the night has come.

Revan watched the submerged setting sun and sighed.

It’s now the second day since I have returned to the village from the mountains.

Or more accurately, rather than returned, I had already been abducted when I woke up.

My memory from that time is vague. From what Asmina said, my condition was in bad shape when I spoke in front of the Imperial Crimson sovereign (that reckless yet pretty girl) and collapsed.

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Kyuuketsu Hime Ch 3 Interlude 4

TL: madospicy
ED: Crash

The Men’s Night

Second night: Joey’s side

Since I have free time, as always, at 4 o’clock in the evening  I went to the adventurer guild of the capitol city, Ala. Unlike usually Gald-sensei (He’s the guild leader, but I am more familiar with calling him that) and his secretary Mia-san were at the side of 1st floor’s guild receptionist area.

Also, another person was there who appeared to be one or two years younger than me, a golden-haired adventurer boy. Those three were in the middle of some deep conversation.

I thought I was gonna be a hindrance so I lightly bowed my head and passed through, but there, Gald-sensei halted me.

“Ou, just at the right time. Joey, I have a bit of a request for you.”

“Ha…what is it?”

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Kyuuketsu Hime Ch 3 Interlude 3


The Men’s Night

First night: Maroudo’s side

The two swords gave off sparks, with hands and feet were fluttering every now and then.

One side was clear and strong yet lovely like a firework, and the other one was freely flowing like a stream.

The strong severed the soft, the soft reined the strong.

Having exchanged blows an unknown number of times, both swords broke from the middle at the same time with a strong dissonance.



Hiyuki and Maroudo both stopped their movements while still holding a slashing posture.

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