Author said you could skip this since it’s not directly connected with the main story,  this is interlude between ep4 and 5, I translated it anyway.

Still, there a suplementary material from the story.

The green man talk in old man tone, he talk more polite than his partner.

Oh yeah, I notice that I went full of retard in episode 1 when copying the story into the clouds, I was forgot to separate the author notes and the actual story so I read the notes in Hiyuki monologue, what a disaster. I have re-translated it again a bit on the last few lines in case you wonder where is it.

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Translated by MadoSpicy
Edited by DarkFlameMaster

Interlude 1 Her Loyal Subject

At the corner of a bar room which existed in a certain place within the Scarlet Jade Castle, there was a green man (it looked like a big cactus in a glimpse, on his head ivy growed instead of hair) over 3 m in height that was accompanied by someone, there was a sword dog (ed; dog swordsman?) besides him over 2 m in height (its forehead and its back are growing curved swords that exceeded 1 m in length) who was grumbling over his mug.

“―Seriously, that skink lizard youngster, how long will he be a big shot by taking up Princess’ good favor!”

“…Well it can’t be helped right? From the start, that guy possessed such kind of strength, it took not only the Princess, but also the likes of god-like people and demon kings numbering at 150 people to bring him down, his ability is guaranteed. That’s what charmed the princess to add that guy as one of the retainers, but how much of his assets would be of use? Probably not your unobtained knowledge”

“That’s why I told you, that guy acting like he is the number one loyal subject is fucking ridiculous!”

Dang! Vigorously the sword dog placed down the mug like striking it on the table.

“Its 300 years, 300 years! We were struggling for 300 years, not even a single moment apart with the princess! And that mere youngster with only 50-60 years at best together with her got carried away, he dares to push us around!”

In this case, when it came to Hiyuki, she would possibly be troubled with the time difference within the game and the one that they recognize, but it seemed within their common sense, they had been together with her for 300 years.

“Well even so, I can’t possibly complain seeing how that guy devotes…”

“YOU, the hell are you siding with!?”

“Nah, I didn’t side with anyone…Rather, aren’t you drunk?”

“This kind of degree is still far too low to make me drunk! Apart from that aren’t you drinking too?! For quite a while I was watching and it’s not a just water right!?”

“It’s inevitable, my plant system made me immune to poison and medicine. I will probably not drunk with something like sake”

Then, a seraph who was carrying 3 mugs with both her hand――Mikoto came along.

“You two are surprisingly in a high spirits, eh, Iki-dono, Soujyu-dono”

“Mhh, it’s one of 4 evil heavenly kings, Mikoto”

Those two people stopped and stood up in a hurry, Mikoto places the mugs that she held on the top of table.

“Take it easy both of you. Our title may different, but us original 3 were similar since we joined together at the same time period. Please act freely like always.
――And the foremost one, that seven beasts of calamity which was supposed to be the nine beasts of calamity with full members began from Iki-dono until Kokonoe-dono, but both of you have regrettably declined it from the start…
Susa-dono is grieving you know, the 3 of you originate together but now it’s all ways in disarray”

“Muuh…to even talk like that. We were being elected solely because of our old age”

“…Even we have pride”

She hands over the mug that she brought to those both people who look sullen.

“Hou, this is a koumiss! Thank you”

The green man Soujyu was about to break into smiles, but in contrast, the sword dog Iki, who, so far, was standing up in the drunken scale apparently dropped down so suddenly,

“After all, we are good for nothings for failing the crucial evolution time, the like of Susa and others, those guys got a 2-3 times successful evolution difference from us. How could we go to Princess’ face?”

Said so, he gulp down the content of his mug.

“….Still about that again? Particularly even the evolution from what you said, it adds a little amount of usefulness for the abilities, so the point is the case of how a fight depends on――”

“Cut it out, you bring out the same speech again and again. We are satisfied with the current standpoint as our belief”

“Ah come to think of it. Isn’t the Princess currently taking an action above the ground?”

Toward Soujyu question, Mikoto expressing a bit of bitter smile.

“In anywhere, even this world there’s always an adventurer, sooner or later we will get in touch with a person, so how much is the strength of this world’s adventurer? In order to investigate it, she went to see the adventurer’s guild”

“…Adventurer, huh”

Iki was putting a deep emotion into his words.

“That’s right, I remember. The first time when we were picked by the princess, even princess was an adventurer”

“Yes it is, short a while after that where the 3 of us were assisting the princess…”

Each one of them recalls their own memories of that matter.

“Come to think of it…” Mikoto suddenly remembered something, and then she continued. “Princess wants to meet both of you”


Both of them simultaneously leave their seat and come to press on Mikoto.

“Pr, Princess wants to meet us?!”

“R, really? She didn’t forget about our existence?!”

“Of course. The story went like this, when I introduced the seven beast of calamity, I got asked ‘Why there is no Iki and Souju?’…”

“O, oooooooh……”

“Pr, princess. She was concerned for the likes of us…”

These two boorish men shed a flood of tears.

“I replied to her ‘Those two people are alive, same like before’, she looked very glad and certainly wanted to meet you”

Words are no longer reaching with those two breaking down crying.

“Then I continued ‘Even more, they desperately devoted themselves to training, here they went to acquire the strength that wouldn’t lose to the demon commanders of the round table’, with her eyes wet she said ‘Those two, to that extent….!’ and look greatly impressed”

Suddenly, those two suddenly stopped crying, and mutually looking on each other, with the weight gone from their face, they firmly nod to each other.

“Mikoto, we leave the payment here. Sorry, but we trust the calculation to you”

“Hmm? Did you both have some urgent business?”

“We have decided! Without fail we will train our body more and more before we meet the princess ”

“Yea, we will show Princess that our devotion will not lose to anyone!”

Seeing how both of them leave the bar room full of energy after they said so, Mikoto tastes the mug alone and made a satisfied smile.

Later, after training their body to the utmost limit, both Iki and Soujyo reunited again with Hiyuki, needless to say, she was screaming in happiness (?).

Author Notes:

For the back setting on the possibility of pet evolution as well of equipment reinforcement, in case of the pet, the maximum evolution is 5 times, and equipment is reinforced up to 10 times. Each grade that increased will naturally make the failure chance grow higher (There a bill item that increased the upgrade chance, but its only double the success rate, because the success rate by nature is well known at 5%, 2%, 0,3% and so forth, it doesn’t give any significant mean)

Weapon is lost when the reinforcement fail. For the pet, the evolution count is reduced with only change of its parameter. Also, a new skill will be added in random when its succeed.

The seven beast of calamity each of its individual have at least evolved 4 times, as for the two name in this story, Hiyuki is still just started the game so she didn’t use bill item, resulting their evolution have ended at 2 times (it just because there are emotional attachment that she add their name).

TL Notes

  1. In case you are a dense harem protagonist : skink lizard, that youngster -> They talking about Ten’gai!
  2. Koumis? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kumis : a milk sake, why not kumis? reason, some of you guys probably know but I won’t telling ya hahaha
  3. Let me tell you the joke, Hiyuki never once said she want to meet them.