I notice there are 2 chapter(Prologue+ch1) of ‘Angel In Online’ (http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5670br/ ) was in half baked translated state inside my cloud, perhaps I work this a bit before switching to Kyuuketsu, so I just want to clean it. I am not gonna translate more chapter than this since I concentrate on Kyuuketsu, consider it like a teaser maybe. For my birthday.

Translated by MadoSpicy

Edited by the Papua New Guinean slave-dealer, AngrySpicy

Prologue Angel In Online

For what purpose was I born

It has been decided

I was born for that

For what purpose do I live

It has been decided

I live for that

Papa said

When he made that for me

Because he wanted me to be happy

But I know

The truth is I was born for that

And then that was involving a lot of people

It’s not only me, it involved papa and all players

And then for that, I have to die

The main cause of all this, the name of that is…

-Angel In Online–

And then the one who became the sacrifice, my name is…

[Chapter 1] Character Making & Mahou Shoujo


It was the first speech of me, Ookami Ogawa, as I arrived in this VRMMO world.

I have about 150cm height and limbs that extend smoothly, a long black hair down to the hips, a narrow waist, approximately E cup well-rounded breasts, and there is nothing that should be there at my crotch, no matter where I look, this is a girl’s body (avatar).

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

“Angel In Online” is the 5th VRMMO that was released in this world by Access, Inc. commonly known as AI-ON (AION)

Access, Inc. had developed the world’s first VR machine “Advent” and VRMMORPG “Lord of World Online”; by this the people around the world all together became obsessed with VRMMO.

And then another company in the country made the 2nd and 3rd, continued by USA which made the 4th VRMMO, frenzy went all over the world .

After that the 5th which released by Access, Inc. again, “Angel In Online”, is a VRMMO that emphasis on “AI”.

In VRMMO up until now, the NPC expressions weren’t matching with its speech; there is a subtle unpleasant feeling.

Because of that Access Inc. focused on AI development, so much that they were pulling the AI development team from another company.

As the result, “Angel In Online” got a good evaluation in beta testing.

But, no matter how popular it is, a VRMMO couldn’t be played if there is essentially no VR machine.

Even if VRMMO had been popular, “Advent” VR machines are also luxury goods that cost 500K.

It’s not a price that’s impossible to buy, but people mostly hesitate to meddle on it.

So for those people, Access Inc. carried out “Angel In Online Official Opening Ceremony Free to Play Campaign”

They created VR machine installment accommodations all over Japan, which stayed free from the end of July until August 31, and conducted with an extraordinary campaign of ‘morning and evening meal’.

Well, even after August 31, for the customers who still wanted to play, they can purchase the VR machine and it was even okay for them to buy on account (with debt), so it could be understood that this is an Access Inc. campaign to attract a new customer, perhaps they are so confidence with “Angel In Online”.

And then I applied on that campaign and magnificently got selected for it.

To say that the campaign period even just in time with my summer holiday, this gonna be the best summer I ever had.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

While filled my chest with a full expectation, I went to the designated place ―a desolate building― at the designed date ―July 31―, there I finished the administration.

Afterward, at a briefing, I heard some important notes, and I go into my assigned room.

Inside the room there was a type of VR capsule ‘advent’.

‘Advent’ is attached with a life support system and it’s said that it makes long time play possible, but of course, it was even attached with a life support system, long time play isn’t recommended was explained. In that case, why even attach it from the first place! That’s what I want to said…

Because there are people that play on a long time, they attach this life support system? Or is it because they attach this life support system, there are people that play on a long time? …Somewhat this feels like the ‘chicken and the egg’ puzzle.

Since the official opening is 8 august at 10 AM, today I was eating the ‘all you can eat’ evening meal, I also checked the play guide information from open beta and retired to bed.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

‘Angel In Online’ character making is mostly decided in random. Except for the name, I couldn’t decide the outward appearance, the main job, sub skills, and the crafting skills.

‘Angel In Online’ originally, the title was called ‘Atrandom Online’ when it was being developed midway so it seems inside the game has a variety of factors decided by random.

Normally, character making is the real thrill of a VRMMO-RPG, but even before they decided ‘Angel In Online’s’ official title, the development staff toward the character making random factor was like isn’t that interesting? With that, ‘Not just about making, a creation VRMMO-RPG!’ becomes a catch phrase that put into the market.

In short, rather than making whatever I please, I was given an absurd motive to customize in my own liking.

I could relog as many times to get character of my liking, but it takes time to do that, there a high chance my name could get taken by another person since the character making in ‘Angel In Online’ takes almost no time at all…

At the starting time, I log in immediately.

After I have log in, I am standing on the character making field. The first thing that would be decided is my body (avatar).

Then I have to input my name, and get my main job, sub skill, and crafting skill to be decided, but this is where I made that speech on beginning.

◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇

“No matter how I look this is a girl….Or rather, isn’t this a girl avatar….?”

Even my voice became a girl voice.

At VRMMO, a player couldn’t alter their body (avatar) gender. When one doing a long play with an opposite sex body (avatar), it was possible to have bad influence to their body and mind.

However, the gender determination is carried out based on the brain wave pattern; I heard there a very rare case where someone determined to opposite sex.

“Could it be my mind is more on the girl…? Oh well even grieving nothing can be done, should I continue the character-making like this? Or should I relog…?”

Normally one would relog in a time like this, but I consider playing a nekama as it is.

Anyhow, there was something you couldn’t do in reality but you could do it in VRMMO. Sex change is one of them.

“Ok, this is such precious beautiful body (avatar). It’s so wasteful to reset it”

I change my mind and input the name.

‘Please input your name’ window floating in front of my eyes.

For the name, its wolf from the way my surname read ‘Ookami’, then from wolf, it’s remind me of Fenrir from the Norse mythology.


I input my name as I touch the window. Name is first come, first served after all. It looks like I obtained it without a problem.

Then the window displayed ‘Main Job determination’.

There are a total of 8 job, ‘Fighter’, ‘Grabber’, ‘Thief’, ‘Ranger’, ‘Sorcerer’, ‘Priest’, ‘Summoner’, ‘Enchanter’. As for my wish, I wish to battle in front with sword or something.

But what was displayed on the window is ‘Sorcerer’. A wand appears on my hand.

“Magic huh…”

I hang down my head as I see the window.

It appears I could change my job when I raise my level to an advance level, so for now let’s enjoy it.

“Well, besides the job, the sub skills seems important”

Yesterday I saw the open beta game guide site, it seems combining main job skill in total with sub skill is the key in battle.

“Since I am using magic, using a sword sub skill as well would be nice”

The window showed the sub skill determination.

There are 5 slots for sub skill. When my main job level raised into 10 it becomes 6, when raised to 20 it becomes 7, so each one multiplied like that. With every level that increase, the combination of sub skill will be more complex so it will become important.

I tap the windows and wait for my sub skill determination.

In the following moment, my beautiful girl avatar changes appearance.

My long black hair that down till the waist becomes a twin tail tied with pink ribbon.

The early equipment adventurer clothes and trousers become frilly clothes and a frilly skirt.

Even my adventurer shoes become a pink fancy thing.

The wand I held became a cane with a pink heart and feather.

A single sentence to describe this, it’s a mahou shoujo figure.


That was my second scream today.

On the window, there were 5 of it <Two Handed Sword lv1> <Step lv 1> <Maximum Magic Power> <Moe> <Swimming lv1>.

<Moe>: Moefied outer appearance. Also give Moe debuff when attacking an opponent. Opponent who received the Moe debuff will receive 1.2 times more damage from the person who holds the skill. ※This sub skill can’t be removed once it’s set into the sub skill slot.

“THIS――――! What with Moefied outer appearance! So it’s moe because of mahou shoujo appearance! But that just wrong! Moreover what with once set it couldn’t be undone!!”

Not even begin the game I am tire myself out.

I am not gonna looking forward this <Moe> skill but, <Two handed sword> <Step> these two is all right. It’s the skills used for close combat that I wished for.

Even so, there is 1 skill that totally unbelievable.

<Maximum Magic Power>: Raise magic power by 10 times.

“This is a cheat skill!”

Although I am glad about this skill since my job is spell user, I am gonna say it once more, this is a cheat skill! Is this game balance is all right?

<Swimming> Yes, this is nothing to worry about in comparison with these <Moe> and <Maximum Magic Power>.

“Haah, let’s just quickly start playing. Yeah, let’s start. There is no use just worrying about this. At any rate, this is what I get in random, so let’s enjoy this precious sub skill”

While saying those words in desperation, I tap the window to determine the crafting skills for the last one.

The crafting skills have 3 slots, inside the game, the production was run by combining sets of item in the recipe.

The window displayed 3 crafting skill <Sewing> <Herbalist> <Metal Crafting>.

“Ok, it’s done with this”

As I confirm the widow, it shown ‘Will you continue with this? Yes/no‘. I press the yes button.

――Well then, please enjoy ‘Angel In Online’――

While hearing that announcement, I landed on the world of ‘Angel In Online’.


[Thread] I saw a mahou shoujo!

1 : Prince light

I saw a mahou shoujo even though the game just started,

But really, how come she the only one with different get up?

2 : NightSky

I also saw! Moreover she was dat cute!

3 : Justice

I also saw! Moreover her boobs are freaking huge!

4 : JakiGan

>>>3 SRSLY!?

5 : Kyoko

Isn’t she just a management staff?

Like making sure there no trouble in the start of game

6 : PrinceLight

It doesn’t seems like that

She purchased item like other players, and went out of the town

7 : OneEyeDragon

Maybe a bonus for the open beta players?

8: JakiGan

>>>3 I want dem big size!

9: AngryNoob

I was an open beta player, I never heard a thing like that

10: Justice

>>8 I saw her size, seems bigger than D

11: JakiGan


12: OneEyeDragon

>>11 shut up lol

So it wasn’t some privilege that was obtained by an open beta player?

And it’s unthinkable if someone’s equipment will differ at the start of the game unless it was a privilege

13: PrinceLight

Yeah, the mahou shoujo appear before my eyes so suddenly lol

14: Kyouko

It wasn’t equipment for hidden job?

15: AngryNoob

I was an open beta player, I never heard a thing like that

16: Alfred

Well, it’s no doubt there only 8 jobs

In case of hidden job, they’re on advanced level right?

17: PrinceLight

Then, what is that Mahou Shoujo?

18: Shinon

After I was thinking about it, is that some kind of skill effect?

19: AngryNoob

I was an open beta player, I never heard a thing like that

20: OneEyedDragon

>>19 don’t you have any other things to say? hahaha

I wonder what kind of skill changes you into mahou shoujo lol

21: Judgement

You know, it’s faster to ask the person itself right?

22: JakiGan

YEAH, I am gonna ask her

….What is her bust size! LOL

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Well, one interesting aspect of this WN is this thread thing, its funny, some were damn funny in later chapter. The story not just Kabom and win, there some with a serious tense. I seriously hope you know what I am left untranslated like MOE or moefied

  1. About that catch phrase [Making vs Creating], you could do research about in on google.
  2. Long time play/play in a long time, no its not a casual 6 hours play m8, its 3-7 days!