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Vampire Princess (True Ancestor) -> (God Ancestor)

I was though true ancestor is the highest rank but it turn out just 2nd grade (from 4 the highest)

Translated by MadoSpicy


Kyuuketsu Hime Supplementary – ‘Eternal Horizon Online’

Since there are a request (TL: at syosetu toward the author of course haha) regarding ‘Eternal Horizon Online’, here the brief summary of it.

It is not a VRMMORPG; instead it’s a common MMORPG.

The MMORPG purely developed within the country, several company join together to develop it.

>Formal name is ‘Eternal Horizon Online’ (Alias ‘EHO’, ‘Ethor’)

>The concept is called ‘Infinity way of play’, the concept isn’t particularly original but the degree of freedom is high so a player could play in various kind of way. Currently, it’s active for 5 year.

>A world with medieval Europe style where human, ajin, beast, giant, and demon live with monster lurking around the place. There are dungeons in various places and although one could have a typical view about this world but there is no conflict between races (Although once upon a time there was supposed to be conflict and discrimination). Currently, all parties were made a non-aggression pact.

>It’s basically FREE, although there a system of item with bill (tl:item mall), it doesn’t mean one buy a powerful weapon using the bill so one can enjoy the game without the bill at all.

>For the advantage of bill item, there are some of item that increase experience point, item that skipping the production process requirement, and those that reflect the character appearance.

>As for the example, first if one wants to play the game they have to DL it. A player could made 2 character inside 1 account (Even protagonist made a sub char but he greatly neglect it). Then, like what was previously mentioned, there are 9 choice that could be selected: Human, Ajin (Elves, Dwarves, Hobbit), Beast man (Werewolf, Ware cat, Ware rabbit), and giant.

>Here applies the bill item of ‘Random race’. Using it, with a low probability of success (about 0.2-0.5% chance) other race (In the scope that was already confirmed: Dragon, angel, vampire (If female char its vampire princess), variety of fox spirit) can be selected (Just by few tries, the protagonist miraculously able to select vampire princess).

>The character making have a high degree of freedom. Height, weight, age, and such thing of ‘3 sizes’ could be set in detail. During this time by using bill item, it’s possible add more type such as part of face and hairstyle (Noted that if the character is too resemble with the human, the Japanese find it quite unpleasant, so part of it based from popular illustrator, the illustration being processed smoothly as it is to do natural behavior). By the way, Hiyuki setting is 13 years old, 143cm, 34kg, BWH=74,50,76 (TL: Yes, the author is clearly write 34 kg if you didn’t believe)

>Player start playing at the time they were registering as ‘Adventurer’ in ‘The Free City of Adhoc’

>At this point, everyone is ‘No Job (Novice)’, but some of the individual have a particular skill from the start (This is totally random) and all special race have unique skill (For vampire princess ‘The Evil Eye’, it double the pet capture rate than normal).

>It possible to capture the MOB with item except for some (It won’t possible unless one drop its opponent HP below half), but since there a probability drop by the negative relationship with the level of mob, it impossible to capture the mid and later mob without using bill item. Also, among the captured mob there rare individual that hold a rare unique skill, it won’t possible to determine the difference unless it was being appraised. It’s possible to capture BOSS in normal field or dungeon, but if one doesn’t use bill item,the capture is impossible to begin with.

>Although the title is automatically granted according to quest and achievements, in regard of top rank celebrity within the game, there also title that granted from the admin on its own accord for fun (Hiyuki’s Tenjoutenga (Elegant Miss of the Sky) and others like Dokudansenkou (One man army), Jijyujiboku (Caught by own trap), Jyuoumujin (Beast king without blade)), such person by half in jest have mentioned in something like ‘The court rank holder’.

>As the player level reach 99, it’s possible to reincarnated into advance grade of race, but reincarnating have to restart the level from 1. In case of vampire princess, the grade: vampire princess→vampire princess(true ancestor)→vampire princess(founder ancestor)→vampire princess(god ancestor). Aside from the increase in ability base, other thing is reduction of HP and MP penalty during the day, decrease weapon damage from vulnerable attribute of silver and light (God ancestor is almost none, more or less compared to additional damage from other attribute).

>Since the game have a severe collision detection (in reverse, if weak point getting hit, the critical is high) there no auto lock function. Every attack applied is necessary to use own eyes, so to some extent a lot of people were not using the normal monitor, they equip the clear HMD (Head Mounted Display) to give them more visibility. It is a mainstream to play in 1st person point of view.


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